Sundays at St Mark’s

We have three services of Holy Communion each Sunday morning. Holy Communion is also called Eucharist, Mass or the Lord’s Supper and has as its focus a sharing of bread and wine, remembering Jesus who said, “Do this to remember me.”

7.00am: Our 7.00am service comes straight from A Prayer Book for Australia and because there is no music or singing, only goes for around 45 minutes. Many people love the quiet, reflective nature of this service and its simplicity.

8.30am: At 8.30am members of the congregation follow the order of service using a printed booklet. Many of the congregational parts of the liturgy are sung. We sing hymns, psalms and songs accompanied by the piano and a violin or flute. There are two or three readings from scripture.

10.15am: Our 10.15am service is our most traditional service with the organ, traditional hymns and a choir. On special occasions we have incense and every Sunday we gather for tea or coffee afterwards.

People who come to church at St Mark’s are a diverse lot. Some are from families with school-aged children, some are people who work full-time or care for households, some are retirees. We are single and married, young and old.

People’s worldviews and values vary, and we seek to respect our differing approaches to life and faith.

No matter who you are or where you are on your journey of life or faith, you are welcome at St Mark’s.

Weekday and other services

Each Wednesday morning at 10.00am we have a short service of Holy Communion in the side chapel at St Mark’s. These services are small and quiet with just a handful of people, a couple of readings and a short sermon.

Once a month, at 3.30pm on the third Thursday, we hold a Healing Service in the Chapel.

To read more about Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals please use these links.

At this service we gather to pray for those on the Parish prayer list and offer anointing with holy oil to those who come and ask for special prayers for healing and wholeness.

Several times a year we sing Evensong on Sunday afternoon at 5.00pm. Dates for this are published in our weekly bulletin and our E-News.