Poem of the Week

Poem of the Week: “A Christmas Prayer” – Ian Oliver

On that holy night, Somehow It happened. Somehow, God took a handful of humanity: Proud, petulant, passionate; And a handful of divinity: Undivided, inexpressible, incomprehensible: And enclosed them in one small body. Somehow, the all too human Touched the divine. And was not vaporized. To be human was never the same, But forever thereafter, Carried […]

Poem of the week: “Roses” by Mary Oliver

Everyone now and again wonders about those questions that have no ready answers: first cause, God’s existence, what happens when the curtain goes down and nothing stops it, not kissing, not going to the mall, not the Super Bowl. “Wild roses,” I said to them one morning. “Do you have the answers? And if you […]

Poem of the week: The Chapel by RS Thomas

A little aside from the main road, becalmed in a last-century greyness, there is the chapel, ugly, without the appeal to the tourist to stop his car and visit it. The traffic goes by; and the river goes by; and quick shadows of clouds, too, and the chapel settles a little deeper into the grass. […]

Poem of the week: Everyone Sang

Everyone suddenly burst out singing; And I was filled with such delight As prisoned birds must find in freedom, Winging wildly across the white Orchards and dark-green fields; on – on – and out of sight. Everyone’s voice was suddenly lifted; And beauty came like the setting sun: My heart was shaken with tears; and […]

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