Centenary Celebration, July 2017
1917 - 2017
A place where questions are welcomed and there is a place for everyone at God's table.
All are welcome, All are welcome, All are welcome in this place.
Marty Haugen

You are welcome at St Mark’s Anglican Church, Buderim

Christ did not come so that we might have church and have it more often, he came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly. We would be delighted to have you share in this abundant life with us.

St Mark’s is a welcoming, inclusive community where questions are encouraged . . . we believe everyone has a place at God’s table.

We hope you will find at St Mark’s, many different ways into the life that is at the heart of the Christianity.

No matter where you are on your journey of faith, we would love for you to be part of the St Mark’s community. With regular worship services, social events, discussion and study groups, there will be something for you, no matter your age or stage of life.

When you join us for any of our services or activities, you will notice that many St Mark’s people wear a name badge, so please, if you’re feeling unsure about what’s going on or how things work, ask someone! They will be very glad to help you.

We are Anglican
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We are the local outpost of a worldwide movement called the Anglican Communion.
With roots in the Church of England, Anglicanism is a form of Christianity that rejoices in being ‘the middle way’.
We are part of the Diocese of Brisbane which is led by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall.
You are welcome here
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St Mark's is a welcoming, inclusive community, questions are encouraged and everyone has a place at God's table.
We love reading the bible, which makes up a large part of our liturgies. We take the bible seriously, but not literally.
We recognise that science and contemporary scholarship need to inform how we read the bible, and we recognise varied interpretations of the text.
We believe our faith and reading of the bible, should shape how we live and what we stand for.
Gather with us
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We gather regularly to participate in church services. On Sundays and Wednesdays we get together to be encouraged and to be given courage for our service to God and other people by sharing Holy Communion. Our most common liturgy is the Eucharist, celebrated on Sunday at 7am, 8:30am, 10:15am
This is our mission
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We serve God and others based on the five marks of mission:
1. To proclaim the Good News.
2. Teach, baptise and nurture.
3. Respond to human need by loving service.
4. Transform unjust structures of society.
5. Safeguard the integrity of creation.
Our parish has a population of around 60,000, look in the ‘community’ section. You may like to join in our mission!

Get Involved

We have various ways in which people can get involved in the life of St Mark’s.  These include:

  • Joining us for worship – gathering with others who are working out how to live the faith in their day to day lives
  • Helping within the liturgy (leading prayers, serving, reading)
  • Offering care and support to members of our community – visiting people at home or in hospital – what we call pastoral care
  • Helping with morning tea each Sunday and helping with hospitality in other ways
  • Being ‘sidespeople’ – those who welcome visitors to services and hand out orders of service
  • Gardening: we have a great garden space which is used by many people who want a quiet space to sit for awhile
  • Volunteers who help with office tasks, cleaning, flower arranging, maintenance and music
  • and all sorts of other things!

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